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Quality Control

Quality Control

Sanxin people insist on the quality guideline of "qualify first" and is continually implementing and improving it. While under the background of lacking industry standard in current abrasive and sharper industry, Sanxin has worked out an appropriate, complete and effective quality control mode in combination special conditions of the industry and based on the newest ISO ISO9001:2008 quality system certification.

I. All staff is involved in quality management to build up their quality consciousness and enhance a sense of responsibility. During production of each batch of products, all production staff work with due diligence, carefully and meticulously. We implement international quality management standard to ensure orderly working environment so as to promote efficiency and reduce cost. 

II. We have special supplier evaluation system which can guarantee stable and reliable quality of all raw materials.

III. We have improved after sale tracking system. Aside from providing products, we also provide our customers with a series of complete service including product research and development, production and manufacturing, technical support and technical consultation.

Customer service and feedback

(I) Customer satisfaction investigation

We will occasionally deliver our dealers "Satisfaction Investigation Table" to collect their opinions and then sort out and submit the table to superiors for reference and guiding the solutions. We mainly focus on below aspects of customer's opinions

      1. Product quality

      2. Delivery punctuality

      3. Punctuality of complaint handling

      4. Communication coordination

      5. Comments on our products

(II) Customer feedback

      1. Listen to customer's complaints at the first time to check out the reason and make timely handling.

      2. Timely make feedback to management about loss under our responsibility or direct loss caused to customers, and inform customers of handling results; working out correcting and preventing measures to avoid occurrence of same problems and customer complaints arising from service quality. 

     3. Timely register and report customer complaints and record all complaint contents for documentation.

Through efforts of all staff, Sanxin is greatly recognized by vast customers at home and abroad based on "stable quality and honest service", which paves a solid way for creating leading brand.