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    Sanxin Product Advantages 

    Sanxin non-woven abrasives come into being with special fiber as basic material bound with grinding ore sands. Due to different grain size, variety and method of sticking to fiber, Sanxin abrasives have different functions, which can be used for clearing, deburring and other purposes. In addition, our products are complete in shape, variety and size, which can meet your different purposes and demands.

    Advantages of Sanxin industrial abrasives :

    *Even grinding force and even processing results 

    Owing to even distribution of ore sands on the fiber, when the surface layer is worn, new grinding velvet can immediately exert its function helping achieve even, smooth and graceful surface.

    *High water resistance

    Special fiber materials are resistant to water and oil. 

    *High plasticity

    Good flexibility, suitable to all shapes of grinding charges.

    *Dirt does not block grinding velvet joint

    New velvet surface will be generated naturally after old grinding velvet is worn, hence dirt will not block the joints, keep the grinding surface always sound. 

    *Increasing surface adhesion of grinding charges

    Grinding velvet will leave super minor traces on the article’s surface, which can increase surface real area, favorable for promoting adhesion effect of spray painting and coating. 

    *Controlled cutting

    The grinding charges will not be extremely cut, hence avoiding bad products. 

    *Being rustless and no dropping

    The product is safe and convenient to use and will not get rusted and dropped like wire brushes. 

    *Safe working environment

    Noise, dust and error are taboos of safe working. Sanxin industrial abrasives feature in low grinding sound and little dust, providing users a comfortable working environment.