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    (1) Meanings of common specifications

    Non-woven abrasive products have many varieties and specifications according to different kinds, grain size and organization density (hardness) of abrasives. 

    Abrasive: generally corundum and silicon carbide; usually corundum is used for grinding metals and silicon carbide is selected for grinding hard and brittle materials or timbers.

    Grain size: the larger the grain size, the higher grinding efficiency is; courser lines on the grinding surface result in lower finish and looser mesh fiber structure. 

    Organization density has influence on surface quality of work pieces: compared with lower density, higher density will result in clear lines, and the work piece is invulnerable to subjecting to inclined lines and breakage; with lower density, wheel sand texture is more consistent and it is also invulnerable to have the work piece surface burned.

    (2) Some parameters during use of non-woven grinding wheels

    The rotating speed of grinding wheels have influence on treatment results of work pieces and service life of sharper: when the work piece is made of hard materials and surface treatment effect is required to be excellent, high rotation speed is required, but with corresponding shorter service life; when the work piece is made of soft materials, low rotation speed is required, resulting in course surface treatment results.

    Feeding speed also has influence on partial lines of work pieces: higher feeding speed leads to shorter time of partial cutting and fewer line segments; while lower feeding speed allows for longer time to treat partial lines.

    Pressure when grinding wheel is grinding work pieces: higher pressure may lead to injury of burns and deform the grinding wheel; and lower pressure many cause unclear lines and low efficiency.

    (3) Using environment 

    Non-woven grinding sheet can be used in water, oil or other corrosive, without worrying about rusting of wire balls and sand dropping of common sand paper. It can be used in combination of a backing plate or directly by hand. Use in humid environment may lead to decrease of product durability, so it shall be well protected from moisture during storage and use.

    When there are high requirements on the surface, some lubricant can be used. Its heat radiation is effective, hence improving surface color and reducing dust. 

    When there are high requirements on the surface, some lubricant can be used. Its heat radiation is effective, hence improving surface color and reducing dust. 

    Rotation speed: it is an important fact which can influence processing effect, efficiency and service life of wheels. Actual speed shall be determined according to materials of work pieces and processing effect.

    Rotation direction: winding wheel must rotate at the direction marked on the wheel side. And rotation direction of other wheels is not limited 

    Working pressure: generally light or medium degree pressure shall be imposed. Excessive pressure shall be avoided to protect wheel from deforming or damaging work piece surface.

    Ventilation: generally ventilation may lead to unconscious lines and uneven work piece surface.

    Work piece treatment effectSuggested line speed
    Finishing line2.5-15 m/s
    Composite materials/soft sections6-13.5m/s
    Surface cleaning10-25m/s
    Final polishing pretreatment10-32.5m/s
    Removing scales25-32.5m/s