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Hand Sanding

Product Description:

The grinding sheet is presently most common non-woven grinding product, also named industrial scouring pad. It is usually used manually or mechanically, and is professional, highly efficient and convenient, allowing for greatly simplifying surface treatment. So it is widely used for polishing, deburring and line decoration of stainless and other alloy hardware and wood furniture.


modelProduct   specificationsore sandgrain sizecolorpacked qtypacking size(CM)characteristics
6618SC150mm*225mmGreenSilicon CarbideMediumGreen500Pcs / ctn
Manual grinding and mechanical polishing to   entirely remove dirt, rusty spots and scales on surface of stainless steel   and other materials.
3113B150mm*225mmCorundum/ greensilicon carbideFineIron oxide red/green50080*49*50Drawing (decorative lined) treatment, enhanced   surface coating, adhesive bonding surface
(FINE)Pcs / ctn
150mm*4m-Cutting patternFineIron   oxide red/green27Coil/ctn62*62*47
150mm*4m-Do not cutpatternsFineIron oxide   red/green27Coil/ctn62*62*47
150mm*10mFineIron oxide red/green

85mm*8mFineIron oxide red/green15Coil/bag
85mm*10mFineIron oxide red/green15Coil/bag
1m*10mFineIron oxide red/green1Coil/bag
1m*20mFineIron oxide red/green1Coil/bag
1m*30mFineIron oxide red/green1Coil/bag
2101B200mm*6m-Cutting patternBlacksilicon carbideSuperfine   (VF)gray27Coil/ctn
Products are mainly used for wood, metal and   other materials, surface paint, sanding the coating layer, can enhance the   adhesion between coating to extend the service life of coating
1m*10mSuperfine (VF)gray1Coil/bag

Product Application:

Line treatment, manual grinding, woodware grinding and circuit board cleaning, etc.

Manufacturer’s suggestions:

Provide flaky (6"*9"), round disc and roll form products; it can be used manually or on portable machine, and can be also used by manufacturers to fabricate wing wheels.