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Exl Deburring Unitized Wheels

It is especially designed for wire drawing processing of plated hardware work piece, featuring rapid drawing, clear lines, good effect, no blackness, high flexibility and fitness.

Product Application:

I. Plated antique bronze, e.g. lock plate, hinge, banner, handle, lighter and other kinds of hardware work pieces like antique bronze gun. Corresponding Sanxing product model (4PB or 5PB-320#). In the industry, this drawing wheel is named as brush-off or dark brown wheel. 

1) Hardness selection (as per thickness of plating), generally 3P, 4P, 5P.

2) The grain size is selected according to customer’s own demand, generally fine line 240#~320# and rough line 80#~180#.

Common products:

It is also applicable to select 12” or 10” products if required by the customer. During wire drawing, the rotation speed of the polisher shall be strictly controlled, no more than 1440 rpm. The liner speed shall be controlled at about 15 m/s. The liner speed may change with different outer diameter.

II. Zinc alloy, e.g. daily goods like zippers and bunkles.

III. Automobile and motorcycle fittings: mainly for finishing of surface in purpose of achieving beautiful appearance.

IV. Nickel plating, e.g. bright nickel and black nickel, corresponding Sanxin product model (5PB-320#)

1)1) Hardness selection (as per thickness of plating), generally 4P, 5P. 

2)The grain size is selected according to customer’s own demand, generally fine line 240#~320# and rough line 80#~180#.

Generally used Sanxin product model: 

8*2*5PB-320# or 240#             12*2*5PB-320# or 240#

The treatment is mainly intended for finishing the surface lines, e.g. surface drawing treatment.

V. Chrome plating: as chrome is hard, generally Sanxin product at model 7PB is used, and in case of many burrs, 9PA product can be used for polishing and drawing treatment.

After plated with chrome, the hardness is enhanced and burrs increased, so common chrome plating parts, e.g. piston ring are treated with Sanxin product with high hardness. The specific specifications are as below: 2*2*9PC-180# or 12*2*9PA-180#

Because of many burrs, polishing is hard to be completed with one procedure. So it will depend on specific conditions of customers. For example, it is applicable to use large grain size product for deburring and then use small grain size product to conduct fine polishing so as to meet the surface brightness requirement of the work piece. 

For example: choose 12*2*9PC-150# or 12*2*9PC-180# for deburring, and then choose 12*2*9PC-240# or 12*2*9PA-240# for fine polishing. 

Note: For reaching mirror surface effect, below procedures shall be followed: 

12*2*9PC-150# or 12*2*9PC-120# deburing →240#→320#→600#→hemp wheel→soft cloth wheel, to achieve mirror surface effect. 

Note: As chrome plating is not mainly intended for drawing treatment, in stead it is mainly for deburring and surface brightness surface after the plating, the rotation speed is relative fast. Above is listed appropriate Sanxin product model and technical parameters for different plating. The product type is for reference, if you request specific specifications, we can meet your requirements. 

Manufacturer’s suggestions:

1. Class A wheel is made with new methods. It features stronger grinding force, cleaner drawing and clear lines, and also can function excellently on hard work pieces such as zinc alloy and chrome plating .

2. Class B wheel is much widely applicable to wire drawing of all kinds of work pieces. For drawing of copper plated work pieces, softer 4P product should be selected to avoid damaging work pieces (exposing bottom), and for drawing of nickel plated work pieces, generally 5P wheel is used; while for thicker plating, 7P wheel is best (mainly for locks).

3.For wire drawing of knifes and knife edges, it is applicable to use 5P-B or7P-B 240# drawing wheel. 

4.For aluminum product, it is suggested to use  180#--320# 7P (class B) wheel before plating to lightly grind it with good gesture to ensure evenness.

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